In a world of noise, flashing lights, chaos, and blending realities, sometimes the greatest sensation can be stepping outside. Created with water colors, pastel markers, and acrylic paints.


Abstract painting in 3 colors inspired by Silversun Pickups’s song “All the Go Inbetweens,”a coming of age tale in the form of a conversation between parent and son, acknowledging the boy’s maturity but warning about foregoing youth. Created with Acrylics and water colors.


John Gardner’s “Grendel” is one of the most influential novels in my life. It chronicles the life of the intelligent beast as he observes and interacts with humans and society, usually violently. This sketch is my vision of Grendel, based on the book cover by Emil Antonucci. Create with pen.

Cosmic Adventure

A solitary walk through the woods can be a beautiful spiritual experience. Solitude in nature, the feeling of the sublime, can bring one to the stars. You never know where you’ll find yourself. Created with pen and pastel markers.


This piece is the feeling of wanting to know or be with someone new, acknowledging the barriers between oneself and the other. One has to reach their hand into the freezing water of the stream to touch the warm heart of the flower. Created with pastel marker.