Collage on canvas with acrylic, water color, marker, card stock, and foam board. Commissioned by Eikra Shithil.


Collage on canvas with acrylic, water color, gouache, foam board, and water color paper. With a little help from Ashley Stant.

Be Free, Friends

An exercise in the creative process. Approach you canvas without fear, start small and imaginative- let no idea go untested. In fact, let them grow and absorb each other, strive to create a harmony, space, and intrigue. Merry Christmas, all. Keep creating in 2018! Be free, friends. Created with gouache paint, pen, and graphite. Shout … More Be Free, Friends


Whole: A tree grown from pebbles in the shade, let all of you worries wash away. Made with watercolors, markers, and pencil.