A Witch Story

A Witch Story Prom0

Becky was a talented young witch with the burden of saving lives on her shoulders. She and her invisible dog Fruntz were employed by the Melo Clan to change the lives of those on a self-destructive path. Every year, Becky took one day off to attend the Celestial Festival, but the Melo needed her power to save the life of an unexpected suicide victim. To her dismay, she warped into the woods to save him.

Megan Bridges Turner as Becky
Karan Kumar as Heath
Patrick Hammes as Darron

Director: Katt Carter
Writer & Producer: Peter Volpone
Directors of Photography: Drew Robertson-Gouge & Michael Bolger
Editors: Alex Salvato & Peter Volpone
Animator: Katt Carter
Credits Sequencer: Peter Volpone

Made for Charles Dye’s Fiction Cinema Production class.

“Hi, be Mine” by Muciojad
“The Last Question” by Lee Rosevere
“As Colorful as Ever” by Broke for Free
“Tour Peru” by Music for your Plants

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