Next It

Sans heard all about this new game called “Hide and Seek Alone” from this weird girl named Khara, and decides to give it a try. It’s a shame that he didn’t follow the rules- but that’s inevitable when some are conveniently left out. Let’s just hope the next player doesn’t rely on the words of … More Next It

A Witch Story

Becky was a talented young witch with the burden of saving lives on her shoulders. She and her invisible dog Fruntz were employed by the Melo Clan to change the lives of those on a self-destructive path. Every year, Becky took one day off to attend the Celestial Festival, but the Melo needed her power … More A Witch Story

This Old Dog

Portrait of Mac Demarco for my brother’s birthday, also happens to be the day his new album drops, “This Old Dog”.¬† Made with ballpoint pens, pastel markers, and water colors.