Black Friday Battle

Here’s a sketch I made with my friends last year celebrating one of America’s favorite -holidays, Black Friday! = Now that Thanksgiving is subsiding, we move as a people to the Friday after, a day of cut throat violence and capitalism. Let us come together and celebrate with a Barry, a proud new father who … More Black Friday Battle


Whole: A tree grown from pebbles in the shade, let all of you worries wash away. Made with watercolors, markers, and pencil.

Wild Drowner

Wild Drowner is a short story about a loner Mike and his musician roommate Leo. They go to a small restaurant concert in the city, to Mike’s discomfort, but he is there to support Leo at his first live gig. Will this night be the one that breaks Mike out of his shell? Will Leo … More Wild Drowner

Waves & Spirals

Waves & Spirals is a primarily non-fiction book that chronicles my last semester at Virginia Tech. Professor Matthew Volmer tasked our Hybrid Forms class with writing a book by the end of the semester. The basis of my book is the form of the cronica, think of it as an in depth journal entry that … More Waves & Spirals