Psychic Mountain

A digital postcard created for my experimental cinema class with Professor Laura Iancu. The task was to create a multi-layered video image that addressed a particular person or emotion etc. This postcard was made for a memory of a particular day last year when some friends and I played in some tall grass, crossed a … More Psychic Mountain

Be Free, Friends

An exercise in the creative process. Approach you canvas without fear, start small and imaginative- let no idea go untested. In fact, let them grow and absorb each other, strive to create a harmony, space, and intrigue. Merry Christmas, all. Keep creating in 2018! Be free, friends. Created with gouache paint, pen, and graphite. Shout … More Be Free, Friends

Black Friday Battle

Here’s a sketch I made with my friends last year celebrating one of America’s favorite -holidays, Black Friday! = Now that Thanksgiving is subsiding, we move as a people to the Friday after, a day of cut throat violence and capitalism. Let us come together and celebrate with a Barry, a proud new father who … More Black Friday Battle


Whole: A tree grown from pebbles in the shade, let all of you worries wash away. Made with watercolors, markers, and pencil.