The Pee Move

The Pee Move Promo

Lucas was the awkward nerd on the block who was trying to improve his life by watching local vloger Dawn’s daily videos when the neighborhood bully Chad stole his head phones. What lengths will he go to retrieve his property and prove that he is a man?

Starring- Jake Roth, Alex Yau, Nick McDaniels, and Sam Hamilton

Writer & Producer – Jake Roth

Director – Mark Meardon

Director of Photography – Gabriela Knutson

Editor & Sound Designer – Peter Volpone


“Ocean Breeze” by Sycamore Drive

“Memory” by Creo

“Electric City” by Vodovoz Music Production

“Victory” by BoxCat Games

“Hotel Rodeo” (ft. DSpliff) by Anitek

“Ancora Quei Maledetti Gnomi” by A Smile for Timbuctu

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