Captain Swag Saves the Hacky Sack Club

Captain Swag Promo

An old project, in fact it was my first project. At the beginning of 2016 I wrote and directed this sketch to bridge the gap between my two favorite college clubs, VTTV’s The Sketch and Hacky Sack Club.

The Hacky Sack Club is looking to get the attention of the public so they can expand their numbers, luckily Mordy knows a guy who can help them make a media splash.
Who you gonna call? Captain Swag, of course.


Christian Underkofler as Captain Swag

Mordecai Lecky as Sacker 1

Nora Browning as Sacker 2

Peter Volpone as Sacker 3


Ashley Stant, Michael Bolger, Ben Orlando, Aaron De Lucia, and Melvin Seymore

Director of Photography: Michael Bolger

Writer & Director: Peter Volpone

Editor: Peter Volpone

“Tropical Tripwire”
American Monoxide
In Flight Mode

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