VTTV’s The Sketch s6e2

Collaborative comedy sketches made with my friends. All content produced and owned by Virginia Tech Television (Educational Media Company at Virginia Tech).

“Channel 33 News”

Writing and Direction by Ashley Stant.

Cinematography by Michael Bolger.

Editing by Aaron DeLucia.

Starring Alek Holcombe, Steffan Bohn, Adit Mahmood, and Aaron DeLucia.

“Late for Class”

Writing, Direction, Cinematography, and Editing by Andrew Huang.

Starring Elwin Hinojosa.

“The Larynx”

Writing and Direction by Peter Volpone.

Cinematography by Michael Bolger and Kristan Wilkins.

Editing by Michael Bolger and Peter Volpone.

Starring Ashley Stant, Andrew Huang, Peter Volpone, Ben Orlando, Mordecai Lecky, Kristan Wilkins, Michael Bolger, and Alek Holcombe.

Chandelier by Sia.



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